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Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes level 99 Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga level 99 for iOS, Android, and Facebook_The goal of Farm Heroes level 99 is to collect 45 water, 45 sun, and 10 apples in 14 moves Follow these cheats and tips to help you pass this challenging level that you are stuck on

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Level 99 Cheat #1: Add Value to Green Apples.

Farm Heroes level 99
  • You need to collect 10 apples in Farm Heroes level 99, but there are only 4 apples on the board at the beginning of the level. Even as you play, no more apples will fall from the top of the board. This means that you need to make sure 4 apples turns into 14 by increasing their value. First, you’ll want to make sure not to touch any of the apples until you’re sure you can get 14 points. If you move an apple, it could clear too early or make it impossible to clear all 4 later in the game. Just move other cropsies around your apples and make adjacent matches that will increase their worth.