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Farm Heroes Saga Level 67 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga Level 67. The goal of Farm Heroes Saga level 67 is to collect 22 blue water droplets, 60 orange carrots, and 60 green apples. You will have 22 moves to complete these tasks. Follow these cheats and tips to help you pass Farm Heroes Saga level 67 in no time.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 67

1.First break the ice around the water buckets.

farm heroes saga level 67

  • In Farm Heroes Saga level 67 you have to collect 22 blue water droplets.
  • You must first reach the water buckets before you can even make water appear on your board.
  • This is why your first moves should be focused around freeing at least one side of each water bucket from the ice around the frozen cropsies.
  • Focus on trying to get to the water buckets from the top side of the bucket. That is the easiest side to free open.
  • To crack the ice and free the cropsie, you will need to make an match with the cropsie inside the frozen square.
  • The most efficient method of doing this is to make the matches count towards your needed requirement of blue water droplets, orange carrots, and green apples.
  • Once you have a path to the buckets, it’s time to fill those suckers up.
  • To fill the water buckets, you must make three adjacent matches along side it.
  • When you have completely overflowed your water bucket, 4 blue water droplets will be scattered across the board for you to use.
  • Much like cracking the ice, the most efficient way to go about this is to use create the matches by using your required blue water droplets, green apples, and orange carrots.
2.Don’t worry about the carrots and apples.

farm heroes saga level 67

  • Farm Heroes Saga level 67 is so difficult because of the bottom half of ice and need to fill the water buckets.
  • The whole time you are playing you should just focus on collecting the water.
  • You don’t necessarily have to worry about collecting the carrots and apples because those will automatically be collected with the cascading matches made when working on breaking the ice and collecting the water.
3. Look to the booster for backup


  • The ice and water buckets make Farm Heroes Saga level 67 difficult, so there’s no shame in calling upon you trusty booster for assistance.
  • The shovel booster is going to be you best friend in this level.
  • The shovel booster can remove any object from the board.
  • This means it can remove cropsies in your way of a match AND crack the ice blocking your from much of the board.
  • The best aspect about the shovel is the will not cost you a single move.
  • If you are still having trouble creating the needed matches, you should use the plus one bonus booster.
  • This booster will add bonus points to all of your required cropsies of blue water droplets, orange carrots, and green apples.
  • This will of course make your life easier as it will make your matches that much more productive.