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Farm Heroes Saga Level 52 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga Level 52. To complete Farm Heroes Saga Level 52, you will need to achieve 100% growth and collect 5  flowers, 20 purple onions, 20 yellow suns, and 20 blue water droplets. Unfortunately, you will only have a mere 10 moves to complete these very challenging tasks.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 52

1. Work around the center.
  • In Farm Heroes Saga level 52, you have 10 moves to collect 4 flowers, 20 onions, 20 suns, and 20 waters.
  • You should start by working around the middle since there is grass and your flowers there.
  • The grass is a great feature here because it will add bonus points to any cropsie.
  • When this happens, you need to take advantage and create as many matches as you can with you purple onions, yellow suns, and blue water droplets.
  • So try away from outside matches as much as you can.
  • Stay on one of the 19 green patches of grass at all times.
  • Remember, flowers need to be fully bloomed in order to collect them.
  • To get your flower to bloom, you must make an adjacent match next to it three times.
  • Only after the third match will the flower be collected.
  • In order to collect all 5 flowers, this process must be repeated 4 more times.
  • As you are making your matches, make sure they count toward your needed purple onions, yellow suns and blue water droplets so that you can use your moves as efficiently as possible.