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Farm Heroes Saga Level 47 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga level 47. The goal of level 47 is to collect 36 green apples, 36 orange carrots, 36 purple onions, and 36 red strawberries in 24 moves or less. Follow these cheats and tips to help you pass this level of Farm Heroes.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 47

Tip # 1 First break the ice around the frozen cropsies.

farm heroes saga level 47

  • In Farm Heroes Saga level 47, frozen cropsies surrounded by ice lay on top of the grass,which makes achieving your goals much more difficult.
  • Your first moves should focus on breaking this ice and freeing the frozen cropsies so that you can make moves on top of the grass.
  • Make matches of three or more with the same type of cropsie that is frozen to break through the ice.
  • Try to make matches of the cropsies you are required to collect around the frozen crosies so you can free the frozen cropsies and help make your quota at the same time.
  • You won’t beat this level without freeing the frozen cropsies and opening up that grass because of the amount of cropsies you need to collect and the amount of moves you have to do so.