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Farm Heroes Saga Level 46 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga level 46. In this level, you have to collect 70 green apples, 70 purple onions, 70 yellow suns, and 70 water droplets in 16 moves or less.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 46

1. Collect the required resources.


  • In Farm Heroes Saga level 46 you have 16 moves to collect 70 apples, 70 onions, 70 suns, and 70 water droplets.
  • Yes, you need to collect 280 cropsies in only 16 moves, but this level is a lot less daunting than it appears.
  • First of all, every cropsie on the board is a required one, which is a huge advantage in your favor.
  • This means that not only do get closer to achieving your goal with every move, but every match you make will dish out plus boosters to every cropsie adjacent to the match!
  • This makes the level so much easier to defeat because the plus boosters will keep piling up with each consecutive move.
  • The higher the plus boosters, the less time it will take to collect the quota for those cropsies.