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Farm Heroes Saga Level 302 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat level 302 of Farm Heroes The goal on Farm Heroes Saga Level 302 is to collect 30 green apples, 30 purple onions, 30 yellow suns, and 30 blue water droplets, and to achieve 100% growth in 22 moves Use these cheats and tips to help you beat this challenging level!

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Level 302 Cheat #1: Clear the spider webs.

Farm Heroes level 302
  • Start the level by clearing as many of the spider webs from the bottom half of the board as you can. Once the bottom half is clear of spider webs, it will be much easier to make matches and big combos to reach your goal.
  • The spiders will continue to make webs as you clear them, but they will move places after a while and the bottom half will be free to clear.