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Farm Heroes Saga Level 268 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga level 268 The goal in Farm Heroes Saga level 268 is to achieve 100% growth and to collect 1 spider, 50 suns, and 50 onions

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Level 268 Cheat #1: Whoa, 3 Nests?.

Farm Heroes level 268
  • Okay, I’d heard of 1 nest. Then someone came along and turned my world upside down with 2 spider nests.
  • But 3 spider nests? What is this, a warzone?
  • However, we have had great practice in the previous two levels to beat this pesky little spider!
  • Like before, the level will begin with a spider with eight webs surrounding it. _This time, we will have two open webs on the board.
  • In the future, when starting a level with a spider be sure to scan the board before starting. _You want to make sure you know where the spider can jump to and how many times you will have to clear webs in order to collect him.
  • Sometimes it may be difficult when you do not have many moves to use, but if you can try, set up your board for success!