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Farm Heroes Saga Level 264 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga Level 264 The goal in Farm Heroes Saga Level 264 is to achieve 100% growth, and to collect 10 flowers, 60 onions, 60 strawberries, and 60 suns

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Level 264 Cheat #1: Stimulate the Flowers.

Farm Heroes level 264
  • The entire bottom half of this level is covered by flowers hidden in grumpification tiles, meaning slime.
  • Slime turns all of the resources grumpy. _Remember grumpy resources have a zero point value attached when collected so you want to try to avoid them if possible!
  • You need 10 flowers to pass the stage, but you are going to need to access the bottom of the board to make enough of the other cropsies anyway.
  • Prioritize getting rid of the flowers. _The top two rows of flowers should be the easiest to collect. _Try to make combinations along the row above them to start the process of collecting them.
  • To collect a single flower you need to make three moves next to it to make it bloom and then be collected.
  • Once you begin to clear some more of the flowers, the board will open up for more resources to be brought down.