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Farm Heroes Saga Level 252 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga level 252 The goal of Farm Heroes Saga level 252 is to collect 30 onions, 30 strawberries, 30 sun, and 30 apples while achieving at least 100% growth in only 10 moves Follow these cheats and tips to help you pass this challenging level that you are stuck on

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Level 252 Cheat #1: Make Matches on the Green.

Farm Heroes level 252
  • You have to collect 120 ingredients in just ten turns in Farm Heroes Saga level 252, so do yourself a favor and get +1 from all the matches on the green.
  • This isn’t easy as the board narrows towards the bottom of the level, but whenever you can pull it off you will be helping your odds of winning.
  • In this level, you should not have too much difficulty collecting the required resources.
  • Unlike other levels, there are no grumpy resources that you need to worry about. _The grass is solely there to benefit you with higher point value resources.
  • Use this to your advantage and continue to scan the grass and the entire board for possible combinations.