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Farm Heroes Saga Level 220 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat level 220 of Farm Heroes.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 220

The goal of Farm Heroes Saga level 220 is to collect 50 carrots, 50 apples, and 50 water droplets in 30 moves or less.

Tip #1: Collect all the carrot cropsies first.


  • You have to collect 50 carrots, apples, and water droplets, but the carrots are the hardest cropsies to collect.
  • Not only are there grumpy carrots, but there is also the pesky rabbit in this level, and he will eat your carrots fairly quickly if you aren’t careful.
  • Collect the carrots as quickly as possible to get it out of the way and focus on the easier other cropsies.
  • Once you collect all the carrots, the rabbit is no longer a serious blocker, and you will have a much easier time finishing the other cropsie objectives.