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Farm Heroes Saga Level 174 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat level 174 of Farm Heroes. The goal of Farm Heroes Saga Level 174 to collect 4 Flowers, 14 Strawberries, and 80 Green Apples with just 14 moves.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 174

1. Focus on the purple area

farm heroes saga level 174

  • The board is very small. This is good. You can make big matches here. But you need to be smart about your moves. The first move is the most important. You want to match with one that will give you the most items, and the create a domino effect, that will carry over more items to collect in just one move.
  • The main way the player should focus on the purple area on Farm Heroes Saga level 174 is to focus on eliminating it from this plane of existence! Use water cropsies and seeds to create a tile area of grass in a T shape to cover the grumpification squares.
  • Grass totally covers grumpy areas of the board and can save grumpy cropsies from being deprived of points. These curative properties make grass tiles a coveted in resource in the strategically intense game of Farm Heroes Saga.