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Farm Heroes Saga Level 157 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes level 157 Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat this level of Farm Heroes Saga The goal of Farm Heroes 157 is to collect 10 Orange Carrots, 10 Strawberries, and 10 Reptile Eggs in 30 moves Follow these cheats, tips, and strategies and you will pass this level in no time

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Level 157 Cheat #1: Focus on the Eggs.

Farm Heroes level 157
  • Focus your early efforts on matching the dragon eggs. These eggs are few and far between, so you’ll need to take every chance you get to make a match. In this case, it’s actually detrimental to make matches of more than 3. If you do make matches of 4 or 5, you’ll lose those extra eggs and won’t be able to use them in any matches. Keep you matches at 3 only, and match them as often as you can. It won’t be easy collecting all 10 dragons. Remember — three eggs give you one dragon, so that means you’ll need to match 30 eggs in total. This can take up a lot of moves, so try to get matches that will benefit you in another way — for example, by clearing them near water buckets, which can fill up and give you water that you need.