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Farm Heroes Saga Level 139 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga Level 139 The goal of Farm Heroes Saga Level 139_is to achieve 100% growth while collecting 12 onions, 25 strawberries, and 25 suns in 15 moves Follow these cheats and tips to help you pass this challenging level that you are stuck on

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Level 139 Cheat #1: Add +1 Booster to Onions.

Farm Heroes level 139
  • 1. Add +1 Booster to Onions.

    You need to collect 12 onions in Farm Heroes saga level 139, but you are only given 6 onions. This is why it is necessary to use the +1 booster to increase the value of the onions. Make a match right next to the onions before you activate the +1 booster. That will help you collect even more onions and get closer to the 12 apple goal.