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Farm Heroes Saga Level 124 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Level 124 Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat this difficult egg level in Farm Heroes Saga The objective of level 124 is to achieve 100% growth and collect 2 dragons, 30 green apples, 30 orange carrots, and 30 red strawberries Follow these cheats for Farm Heroes Saga and you will pass this level in no time

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Level 124 Cheat #1: Hatching the eggs is going to be your hardest objective.

Farm Heroes level 124
  • To easily hatch 2 dragons, make a bunch of egg matches all around the board so that you have a few cracked eggs. The board often reshuffles, so it is hard to predict where exactly you will hatch the dragon. However, if you have a bunch of cracked eggs scattered throughout the board, reshuffles will not matter, and it will be easier to make a match of three to hatch a dragon. _Throughout this level, be sure to continue to scan the board to make sure you do not miss an opportunity to collect a dragon. Look at possible ways to collect resources and bring hatched eggs together.