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Farm Heroes Saga Level 122 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga Level 122. THe object of this level is to reach 100% growth by harvesting 20 water drops, 30 strawberries, and 30 yellow suns in 12 moves or less.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 122

1. Work on the buckets first.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 122-a

  • Farm Heroes Saga Level 122 is quite tricky mainly because you need to retrieve your water from the buckets located at the side of the board. No water will fall onto the board unless you make it happen yourself. Chase your dreams!
  • The best thing for you to do it to make your first few moves count towards those buckets. Create matches next to the buckets so you can get your needed water out.
  • Try to make as many vertical matches right along the sides as you can. These can touch both water buckets at once, filling them more quickly.
  • Going with the general “rule of threes” in Farm Heroes, it will take three matches in total for the buckets to overflow and scatter water across the level.
  • Each time you fill the bucket, it will distribute four water drops. After two or three buckets are filled, you should have more than enough water to make some big matches.
  • You can also just keep filling the buckets over and over to try and trigger a cascade of matches from having so much water on the board.