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Farm Heroes Saga Level 111 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes level 111 Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat this level of Farm Heroes Saga The goal of Farm Heroes level 111 is to defeat Rancid Racoon You must gather as many Green Apples, Orange Carrots, and Purple Onions in just 20 moves

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Level 111 Cheat #1: Use your Green Magic Beans.

Farm Heroes level 111
  • In the beginning you will have the option to use extra magic beans help you beat Rancid Racoon faster. Use the magic beans to get a +2, which will add a +2 bonus to all your matches and allow you to collect more apples, carrots, and purple onions. The more green apples, orange carrots and purple onions you can gather, the more damage you will to do defeat Rancid the Raccoon. Try to avoid making combinations with resources that are not required that fall onto the board. _Also, look for resources that have a high point value attached to them.