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Farm Heroes Saga Level 104 Cheats and Tips

These Farm Heroes Saga Cheats and Tips will tell you how to beat Farm Heroes Saga Level 104. The objective of this level is to collect 8 flowers, 1 dragon, and 100 yellow suns in the span of 30 moves.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 104

1. Collecting yellow suns is your first priority.

farm heroes saga level 104-a

  • Collecting 100 yellow suns in only 30 moves is tricky. It’s much harder than making a single dragon or removing flowers, so make it priority number one from the get-go.
  • Only make matches with other cropsies if it will allow you to collect more suns in the long run. For instance, removing flowers will make room on the board for more cropsies (i.e. suns) and let you make more matches, so removing one is good even if it doesn’t immediately collect lots of suns.
  • The best way to collect enough suns is to make bonus cropsies and harvest them. This can be done in two ways. The first (and much easier) method is just to move any and all suns on the board into the 2×4 grassy sections on the left and right sides of the board.
  • These grassy patches are ideally placed to make sure the majority of cropsies will pass through them on their way through the board. The longer a cropsie remains in green grass, the more bonus points it will collect. Try to keep grassy areas free of apples and onions so that your suns can take full advantage of their benefits.
  • You can also gather bonus cropsies by making matches of 4 or more anywhere on the board. This will scatter bonuses onto other cropsies. This method is not as precise, however, since you can’t control which cropsies will be given bonuses. Onions and apples that get bonuses are just as useless as normal onions and apples.