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How to Get Free Lives in Farm Heroes Saga

This is how to get full free lives for free in Farm Heroes Saga.  This Farm Heroes cheat will refill all your lives so you do not have to wait another minute or spend any more money. All you have to do is set your clock on your phone forward. Follow these instructions to get more lives now.

Farm Hero Saga Free Lives Cheat

Like most games, you are given 5 lives that will run out as you fail to complete levels in Farm Heroes. You will also loose a life if you exit out of a level.

When you run out of all 5 lives, you will either have to wait for your lives to refill, or purchase more lives with real money.

buy-livesHowever, there is a cheat to avoid all of that and get free lives right away.

    • Open up your phone Settings.
    • Go to Settings > General > Date & Time



  • Now set your date ahead one day (or hours by 5 hours).
  • Go back to the game and see that your lives have been refilled. Do not start playing yet!
  • Go back to the Date & Time, and set your clock back to its original time.
  • Now you can play Farm Heroes Saga with a set of full free lives.

Tip: You can use this same cheat to refill your Farm Heroes boosters for free!