Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga Super Fruit Boosters

Super Fruit

The Super Fruit Booster is a regenerative bonus in Farm Heroes Saga that adds a +2 point bonus to some cropsies on the board. The booster appears when the level starts and can be activated to spread +2 bonuses to all adjacent cropsies. This is especially useful in the later levels of the game where players will have to collect high quantities of cropsy points in a short number of turns.


  • Super Fruit Boosters are introduced on level 146 of Farm Heroes Saga.
  • Super Fruit Boosters are chosen at the beginning of the level, and place several super fruit onto the players starting board.
  • Super Fruit are activated by moving them on the board. After the move has been completed, the Super Fruit will collect each adjacent cropsy and add a +2 bonus to their point value.
  • It does not matter which kind of cropsy the player chooses to switch with the Super Fruit. The matching Super Fruit will not increase the point value of the bonus.

Super Fruit Tips and Tricks

  • Super Fruit Boosters do not regenerate! Use these babies sparingly, because you will not be able to receive any more of them without spending gold bars.
  • Don’t activate the Super Fruit Boosters adjacent to other Super Fruit Boosters. This will yield less points over all and collect less cropsies than using two Super Fruit separately.
  • None of the levels require a player to collect Super Fruit to win. They are a booster and not a cropsy. The confusion over their classification makes them the tomato of the cropsy world.

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