Farm Heroes Saga

How To Get Past the Farm Heroes Saga Roadblock!

After you have cleared certain levels in Farm Heroes Saga at level 40 you will run into a pesky roadblock! This will keep you from continuing on to other levels until you have cleared it. Not to worry we have collected 5 tips to help you succeed in clearing the roadblock and unlocking more levels.

Tip #1:Pay the $0.99 fee!

  • Obvious choice, I know. In this game and many others (like Candy Crush) you are given the option to pay a small $0.99 fee to clear all your troubles with the click of a button.
Tip #2: Ask your friends to help you out.


    • A free way (and we love free) to get help for the roadblock would be by simply logging into your Facebook account and selecting any friend you know who have played Farm Heroes Saga, in turn they will be able to send you requests and this will help bail you out!
Tip #3: Use the Gold given to you at the start of the game.
    • When you first begin to play Farm Heroes Saga you will be awarded with free gold to start the game. Do not and i repeat DO NOT spend this gold on anything else in the game other than demolishing roadblocks! It will cost you 9 gold bars to demolish the roadblock.
Tip #4: Wait a few days for an automatic roadblock removal.
    • Patience is a virtue in this game. Farm Heroes Saga has a 4 day waiting period on roadblocks this means the game will automatically clear the roadblock for you after you are idle for 4 days. Not only does this save you from dipping into your pockets and bothering your Facebook friends, it also allows you to save your gold for another time when you are having trouble with a level.

Tip #5: Set your clock ahead.

  • If your like me and have little to no patience for waiting hours if not days for daily rewards to be given out,  then this is a great solution to your frustrations. Simply close the game screen , go into the settings of your phone and adjust your date and time and re-open Farm Heroes Saga. When you launch the game you should have a full set of lives and no roadblocks in your way. Simple and easy!