Farm Heroes Saga

How to Get Magic Beans in Farm Heroes Saga

Magic Beans are one form of in-game currency in Farm Heroes Saga that you can earn by playing the game. Magic Beans can be used to buy Boosters, which are useful to use when defeating Rancid the Raccoon and other challenging levels of Farm Heroes.

How can you get more Magic Beans in Farm Heroes Saga?

If you need more Magic Beans in Farm Heroes, you should play each level until you reach 3 stars. The better your Growth Rate is in each level, the more Magic Beans you will get.

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  • 1 Star Growth Rate = 75 Magic Beans
  • 2 Star Growth Rate = 150 Magic Beans
  • 3 Star Growth Rate = 250 Magic Beans

We advise that you stockpile and save your Magic Beans for later levels in the game of Farm Heroes Saga, because they only get more challenging! Magic Beans will come in most handy during the Rancid the Raccoon levels. Try to beat Rancid without any beans at first. However, if you find these levels too challenging without the Magic Beans, keep stocking up and saving by replaying levels and follow these cheats and tips to beat Rancid the Raccoon.

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