Farm Heroes Saga Cheats & Tips

Need to know how to beat a Farm Heroes level? These Farm Heroes Saga cheats, tips, and hints will help you pass every level in the game! We have been playing Farm Heroes so we can learn all the best tips, tricks, and strategies to pass on to our cropsies lovers!

Farm Heroes Levels:


Level 1-50 Level 51-100 Level 101-150 Level 151-200
Level 201-250 Level 251-300 Level 301-350 Level 351-400
Level 401-450 Level 451-500 Level 501-550 Level 551-600
Level 601-650 Level 651-700

If you find yourself stuck on a level of Farm Heroes Saga, you should use these Farm Heroes Tips and keep them in mind while you play every level in the game. These tips will always help improve your strategy. If you are a new player, head over to our Farm Heroes Saga Guide to learn all the basics you need to know to become a Farm Hero master! From the markers of Candy Crush comes Farm Heroes Saga, another match three puzzle game. Fans of Candy Crush will see some familiar elements in Farm Heroes Saga.  Cropsies fall from the top of the screen and fill the puzzle area.  You will see 4 different Cropsies: carrots, water drops, apples and onions.  To clear anything from the game you must match at least three of the same type of Cropsie in either a horizontal or vertical line. Each level in Farm Heroes Saga will present you with a number of Cropsies that you must clear in order to pass the level.  Also, for each level you will only have a certain number of moves that you can use to complete your goal.  Each time you clear Cropsies, bonus modifiers will be added to neighboring Cropsies.  Clearing Cropsies with bonus modifiers increases the number of points accrued.  Clearing 4 Cropsies of the same type with increase the number of bonus modifiers added to surrounding Cropsies.  Finally, clearing 5 Cropsies of the same type will remove all Cropsies of that type from the puzzle area.

If you manage to reach your target score in Farm Heroes Saga before you have used all your moves you will enter Hero Mode.  In Hero Mode all the Cropsies you clear will add to your total score.  Once you total score reaches 200% you will receive an additional star, and the same thing when it reaches 300%.  Stars are used for various things in the game:  they can unlock boosters, as well as help recruit animals to your Farm Club.  Once you recruit the right amount of animals to your club you will be rewarded with additional boosters and magic beans. In Farm Heroes Saga you also collect Magic Beans for completing levels.  At the end of the every level section, you will face a boss level.  You must clear a certain number of specific Cropsies to beat the boss level, similar to a regular level, however you will have to clear more Cropsies than usual.  You can use Magic Beans you have collected to make these boss levels easier, so it is important to try to get extra points in every level to get more Magic Beans. Download: iPhone | Android | Facebook